Youth access prevention

NASTY’s ENDS products should only be used by adults who are fully aware of the risks associated with vaping.


We fully support practices aiming to prevent underage sales of ENDS products. Thus, we provide corresponding materials and advice to help our retailers selling NASTY’s vaping products ensure they comply with the laws and regulations prohibiting the sale of ENDS products to anyone under the legal minimum age in their country.

No sales of our products should be allowed without proof of age validation.

We support and treat Youth Access Prevention practices with all seriousness and responsibility to ensure our nicotine products are not sold to minors. Our commitment is to market NASTY’S products to adults only, thus we follow strict principles for Youth Access Prevention.


In our Youth Access Prevention practices, we strictly follow such principles as:

1. Responsibility

Our commitment is to prevent and discourage the use of our ENDS products by minors, and not to encourage people who are not smokers or vapers. We take this responsibility very seriously and thus follow strict requirements for adult-only marketing, as well as strive all our partners and retailers to conduct youth access prevention activities.

2. Targeting adult users

We are focused on restricting youth access to our products and limiting appeal of our products to minors.

To restrict underage access to our ENDS products it is essential to ensure effective age verification. Thus, we are working with retailers who follow our marketing principles and implement age-verification practices.

We do not use designs aimed at attracting minors or designs imitating commonly marketed products.

Our target audience is adult smokers only.  

3. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

We fully support all laws and regulations to prevent purchase and use of our products by minors. We strictly follow labeling, marketing, and age-restriction rules and regulations in the respective countries where NASTY’s products are being marketed.

4. Upholding strict marketing principles

We apply our strict marketing principles to all our products.  We operate through narrow marketing channels to limit unintended exposure among those who are underaged and those who are not currently vaping and to avoid misuse of our products.

Our partners, retailers, distributors, and anyone working with or on behalf of NASTY should adopt our marketing principles, the key points of which aim to assure that our products:

  • are intended for adult smokers only and not intended for minors and those under the legal minimum age;
  • must follow appropriate age validation before sales;
  • are not intended for people who are not vapers or smokers;
  • are not appealing for minors;
  • are limited in exposure to youth;
  • comply with all laws and regulations in respective countries.