We at NASTY have gone to great lengths to provide our users with the best possible alternatives to smoking.

Hence, our efforts to include Synthetic Nicotine has been made possible with modern technology in plant and chemical synthesizing, to bring you synthetic nicotine products, from our ecosystem of ENDS to award-winning e-liquids. 

Let’s learn more about it.

FIRST OFF, WHAT IS Synthetic Nicotine ?

Nicotine is a chiral compound, with two main components that include the (S)-Nicotine and (R)-Nicotine. The (S)-Nicotine is a naturally produced component of nicotine in Solanaceae plants, and it is the most common natural nicotine generated from tobacco, and it is this component that produces the physiological response that humans experience when they consume nicotine, as tobacco-based nicotine includes 99.3% (S)-Nicotine. 

On the other hand, the (R)-Nicotine is also present in nicotine generated from tobacco, albeit at considerably lower concentrations at less than 1%, which has no substantial effect on the body, according to researchers. 

However, it comes as a general consensus that tobacco-based nicotine has garnered a terrible reputation for decades due to its links to toxicity and negative effects.


Synthetic nicotine is derived from a source other than the tobacco plant that is developed through either a chemical or an enzymatic process. Followed by a chemical refining process, synthetic nicotine comes in a variety of different kinds. Some of the advantages that synthetic nicotine has over tobacco nicotine are the result of the low quality pure nicotine that is available on the market.

A research on the Truth Tobacco Business Documents found that the industry investigated utilising synthetic nicotine as early as the 1960s, but have discontinued the endeavour mainly due to exorbitant costs and poor lack of purity. Recent patents indicated ongoing efforts to produce more efficient nicotine production processes.

Synthetic Nicotine

Most e-liquids are now produced with tobacco nicotine; but even so, scientists can now synthesise pure nicotine in the laboratory without any need for tobacco. Tobacco leaves, stems, tobacco extract, or post-production tobacco waste are not used to produce synthetic/non-tobacco nicotine. 

Tobacco-free nicotine is a man-made version of conventional nicotine obtained from tobacco, however, it is made with chemicals that do not include any tobacco plants. This signifies that this nicotine source is free of the contaminants that are usually found in tobacco. If you’re anxious about the pollutants found in nicotine-based e-liquids, tobacco-free nicotine is devoid of these impurities. 

Furthermore, tobacco-free Nicotine has no taste or smell, thus allowing you to enjoy the flavour and aroma of your flavoured e-liquids. Do take into account that tobacco-free Nicotine has biological effects that are comparable to those of the tobacco plant. However, tobacco-free Nicotine, does not have the sour smell and flavour that is often attributed with tobacco.


On a molecular level, Synthetic Nicotine e-liquids and regular e-liquids have the same amount of nicotine. It’s not a “nicotine-like” substance; it’s pure nicotine produced in a laboratory. Apart from the nicotine, the greatest difference between Synthetic Nicotine e-liquids and regular e-liquids is what’s in it. 

When nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves, it is accompanied by several impurities. There will be remaining particles from the plant matter that could not be totally removed, as well as residual odours and tastes from the solvent. So if you’ve ever thought nicotine smelled unpleasant, it’s because you’re inhaling other compounds rather than nicotine.

BENEFITS OF Synthetic Nicotine
  • It is free of many of the contaminants found in tobacco-based nicotine, which in certain cases may have been extracted with kerosene and may not have been thoroughly cleared out after purification.
  • It delivers the same sense of personal satisfaction as nicotine obtained from tobacco. 
  • It has no flavour or odour, resulting in a purer flavour with less sweeteners or artificial flavours required.

We have provided millions of smokers with smoking alternatives by offering synthetic nicotine among our products, and to be able to further innovate and improve the cessation experience, has always been our goal here at NASTY. With the  NASTY FIX™ GO Synthetic Nicotine being our pioneer tobacco-free product, the NASTY FIX™ GO Synthetic Nicotine is now open to everyone including those who are not only looking for a smoking alternative, but also an alternative to tobacco itself.

Further research and developmental initiatives are currently being undertaken to continue enhancing our products, to follow suit with current health trends and buzz. Should there be new innovative seas to explore, we here at NASTY are ready to set sail.