Disposable Devices

A disposable vape pen is basically an e-cig that comes ready to vape and is thrown away once it runs out of charge or e-liquid. Disposable vape devices are super convenient for when you’re in a pinch or just starting off on your vape journey as you move away from cigarettes.

The World's Most Satisfying Disposable

Nasty Fix was developed to ensure everyone can enjoy the same taste of NASTY JUICE flavours, the easiest way. Nasty Fix is a hassle-free disposable vape device that’s big on flavour and satisfaction.

Now features the ultra-convenient AIRFIX adjustable airflow system for a highly satisfying, personalized vaping experience. Just choose your setting and enjoy your ideal throat hit and flavor intensity.

Small in Size, Big on Satisfaction

Designed to fit niftily in your pocket and fueled by our award-winning e-juices to deliver maximum flavor for the complete FIX experience.

No-Strings Attached

Pre-charged and pre-filled to deliver up to 800 puffs.

[3 days average consumption]

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At the heart of the NASTY Ecosystem of Smoking Cessation Technology is what we refer to as True NASTY flavours – the core flavour base and categorization that is common across all NASTY products and NASTY FIX is no different. Enjoy True NASTY flavours on-the-go.

True Nasty
Based on our original line-up of multiple award-winning vape flavours that continue to be enjoyed by millions worldwide.
Our award-winning tropical mango flavour is on the worldwide best-sellers list every year.
Slow Blow
This international award winner combines zingy pineapple with a zesty lime soda.
Asap Grape
A bonafide OG flavour that delivers the mouth-watering sweetness of ripe black grapes.
Wicked Haze
An indulgent combination of ripe blackcurrant and sweet, refreshing lemonade.
Bloody Berry
The subtle sweetness of raspberries balanced with a playful, tangy lemon chaser.
Trap Queen
This delicious strawberry concoction is an international best-seller loved by the world over.
Sicko Blue
A combination of wild sweet berries with a distinct, bold blue raspberry profile.
Cushman Banana
An exotic combination of juicy, sweet mango and ripe, honey-golden banana.
True Fruit
NASTY is well-known across the world for its fruit-based flavours, and this is the culmination of the very best that our NASTY LAB flavourists have to offer.
Mouth-watering sweetness of ripe black grape that will surely hit the spot.
Experience the true taste of delightfully sweet, intense and earthy blackcurrants.
True Ice
A delightful and rejuvenating range of ice-cold flavours.
Watermelon Ice
A refreshing combination of sweet, juicy watermelon with a dash of icy mint.
Honeydew Ice
Subtle sweetness of aromatic honeydew, layered with a refreshing mint blast.
Peach Ice
Taste the delicate sweetness of a juicy peach, layered with a refreshing mint blast.
A refreshing, icy menthol with perfectly balanced sweetness and a robust aroma.
True Indulgence
The very best of creamy-based flavours, perfectly balanced between the boldness of tobacco and the sweetness of fruits and berries.
Strawberry Custard
Fresh notes of strawberry against a backdrop of velvety, creamy custard for absolute indulgence.
True Tobacco
Flavours based on premium tobacco profiles with different variants and fusions, tuned for smokers from all walks of life across the globe.
Tobacco & Dates
A complex blend of sharp tobacco and a rich, intense, caramel-tasting date fruit.
Havana Tobacco
A subtle yet refined tobacco flavour to curb even the strongest cravings.
Vanilla Tobacco
A smooth robust Cuban tobacco infused with the delicate aroma of vanilla pods.
True Treats
For those with a sweet tooth, our range of True Treats flavours are ensured to hit the spot each and every time.
Strawberry Bubblegum
Luscious juicy strawberry combined with the retro taste of sweet bubble gum.
Blackcurrant Cotton Candy
Sensuous juicy blackcurrant combined with the classic sweetness of cotton candy.
True Shisha
The familiar, nostalgic taste and sensation of Shisha, recreated and perfected by NASTY.
Double Apple Shisha
Luscious juicy strawberry combined with the retro taste of sweet bubble gum.
Open Bar
Flavours inspired by your favourite beverages, but with a NASTY twist.
Rad Bull Fusion
Our secret fruit and berry concoction infused with that energy drink buzz you crave.
Root Beer
Classic taste of sweet, fizzy root beer just like you remember it.
Coffee-based flavours for the caffeine aficionado.
Java Chip Mocha
An incredibly delicious combination of coffee and chocolate that’ll keep you refreshed all day.
Butterscotch Coffee
Rich, aromatic coffee paired with toffee-sweet, creamy butterscotch for pure indulgence.