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Finding Our Purpose

After creating best-selling e-liquids for the vaping masses since NASTY was founded in 2015, we finally found our true calling in 2018. Our mission as an organization became clear – to create the most effective solution for smokers around the world.
NASTY officially became a smoking cessation solutions provider in January 2019 with the launch of our first closed pod system device – the NCIG 1 which is an abbreviation of the NASTY Cigarette. The device was designed and developed entirely in-house with the goal of creating the most satisfying experience for smokers looking to quit their terminal addiction.

Our Journey

The first generation NPOD was equipped with a 1.0ml liquid reservoir and used a revolutionary ceramic heating element. When NCIG was launched at the first ever NSUMMIT conference held at KLPAC in Kuala Lumpur, it completely sold out and changed the ENDS landscape in Malaysia forever.

The NCIG 1 device was launched in Space Grey, with Limited Edition Red and Blue versions soon to follow later that year. Its stunning form factor came in an aluminium chassis that was sleek and smooth, ergonomically developed to fit perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The device used a proprietary docking design for easy charging – known as the NDOCK and it was unlike anything in the market at the time. What really set apart the NCIG from all other closed pod devices on the market was the introduction of the NCASE – a mobile charging and pod holder that helped change the way that vape devices were used and perceived by both supporters and critics of ENDS alike.
The second generation device was launched in November 2019 at the NSUMMIT2 conference in Seri Kembangan, attended by over 9,000 people. The NCIG 2 device had an upgraded battery and revised LED indicator design, as well as an automatic cut-off to avoid over-drawing. The NCIG 2 was launched in Space Grey and Silver.

The NCIG2 was introduced alongside a brand new line-up of pods with 1.5ml liquid capacity and an enhanced heating element. The NPOD came in two main variants – Tobacco and Vaperatif. The Tobacco flavours were represented by four new brands – BLANC, NATIV, NINE and CLOV catering specifically to the needs of smokers.

Vaperatif was a new line of e-liquids designed to be used in concert with the Tobacco and featured fruity and creamy flavours – and was a hit with vape users nationwide.
NCIG 2 also featured a line of accessories that really set the platform apart from others in the market at the time. They were designed to solve specific problems which were voiced out by a fast-growing NCIG user base. The most exciting of all was the NCASE 2 mobile charger and pod holder that was drastically evolved from the first generation NCASE. This stunning new accessory could be customised with a selection of magnetic leatherette skins.

Engineered for Satisfaction

The NCIG 3 was launched in November 2020 during the virtual NSUMMIT3 Live Event and immediately became a country-wide sensation. With a new brand slogan – Engineered for Satisfaction, its success lay in the all-new NPOD 3 which featured 2.0ml liquid capacity and a mesh coil heating element that was tuned to mimic the sensation and throat-hit craved by smokers.

Prior to the launch, three limited edition devices forming the VECTOR series were released as pre-orders and came with a accessory and flavour kit set known as VECTOR GEAR. In contrast to the previous NCIG devices, the third iteration’s form factor featured a perfectly symmetrical aluminium chassis design that was more comfortable to hold, and even more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


The NCIG 3 device was also a departure from the previous NDOCK charging system of the previous generations, opting instead for a universal USB-C type charging mechanism. The NCIG 3 comes in three base variants – Meteorite Grey, Onyx Black, and Midnight Blue.

The LED indicator was redesigned with a tri-star pattern symbolising both the third iteration of the NCIG as well as its Triple Satisfaction Guarantee – increased liquid capacity, redesigned heating element, and the introduction of the NIXS formula developed by NASTY LABS. NIXS is a new formula which offers a smoother yet fuller throat hit with bolder flavour delivery. Complimenting the NCIG 3 launch was a series of new accessories.

Next for NCIG

With over 300,000 users in Malaysia and Indonesia, NCIG’s product roadmap features several variants of devices and pods to cater to an even wider global audience. For those looking for a smoking cessation solution, watch this space.