4th AUGUST 2022


SERDANG – Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) manufacturer NASTY Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. becomes the first in its industry to be invited to participate in the annual Malaysian Agricultural, Horticultural and Agrotourism (MAHA) event this year.

According to founder and Group CEO Shariffuddin Bujang, NASTY is humbled and honoured by this invitation. “It’s a valuable platform to allow us to communicate the potential in helping Malaysians leave their smoking habit behind.”

“Currently there are 4.6 million smokers in Malaysia. MAHA’s ability to attract over a million visitors throughout the event goes a long way in enabling us to reach out and directly engage with not only smokers but also those whose friends or family members are smokers.”

“There is a lot of research worldwide that suggest ENDS is very effective in helping to wean smokers from tobacco using the tobacco harm reduction approach,” added Shariffuddin. “And because of this, there is good demand for it which in turn represents a great economic potential for local retailers and entrepreneurs.”

It is estimated that the ENDS or vape industry in Malaysia was worth almost RM2.7 billion in 2021, taking up a 42% share of the tobacco market.

“The cost and harm from smoking are well documented, as such we appreciate the opportunity given to us at MAHA to help the government address them,” says Shariffuddin.

Visitors attending MAHA 2020 at MAEPS Serdang from 4 – 14 August 2022 will be able to learn more about ENDS solutions for smoking cessation by taking part in the END NOW campaign.