Closed Pod System

Closed Pod System terdiri daripada pod yang pra-isi dan peranti yang boleh dicas. Anda hanya perlu pasang kartrij pra-isi pada peranti anda dan siap! Anda kini boleh menggunakannya!

Experience the all-new 2023 ncig™

All day satisfaction.

Experience the all-new 2023 ncigtm for all day satisfaction. Featuring improved stabilised firing, enhanced battery performance, and 15 newly calibrated npods for consistent satisfaction.

Now available in
4 exclusive colours.

The all-new 2023 ncigtm is available in four exclusive colours that will elevate any look you choose to rock.

Forest green | White | Jet Black | Ultra violet

Enhanced system

The all-new ncigtm features a new and enhanced system for smoother nicotine delivery, thus promising consistent, uninterrupted satisfaction.

USB-C fast charging.

Enhanced battery performance.

Ergonomic body design.

Improved stabilised

Experience the new & improved npod™

Consistent performance to the very last drop.

Introducing 15 enhanced npods that are pre-filled with an improved NIXS formula for a smooth nicotine hit that delivers consistent performance from start to finish.

Reduced dry mouth sensation

Improved flavour

Leak proof technology

Top 15 Best-Sellers

Our 4th generation npods are pre-filled with the new and enhanced NIXS formula for a more balanced flavour that simultaneously prevents dryness in the mouth and throat area.


Award-winning tropical mango flavour that’s simply the best.


Well-balanced taste of real lychee that will delight your senses.


Savour the mouth-watering sweetness of ripe black grape.


Taste of real peach with an acidic tang and a sweet floral note.

Watermelon Ice

A refreshing combination of sweet, juicy watermelon and icy mint.

Honeydew Ice

Subtle sweetness of aromatic honeydew, layered with a refreshing mint.

Tobacco & Dates

A blend of classic tobacco and caramel-sweet premium dates.

Hazelnut Espresso

Rich espresso flavour paired with nutty, creamy hazelnut.


All-new, improved Menthol formula that’s extremely refreshing.

Strawberry Custard

Vibrant strawberry features with playful notes of custard.

Buttery Toffee

Signature toffee-sweet delicacy now richer and creamier.

Blueberry Custard

Tastes just like homemade blueberry custard pie.

Blanc Classic

A premium blend of tobacco formulated for a taste of nostalgia.

Blanc Vanilla

Well-rounded tobacco hit with hints of rich, velvety vanilla.

Blanc Premium

Crafted from premium ingredients for a bolder taste and strong throat hit.


Try 4 different flavours in one go when you purchase the npodTM Multipack. The Multipack contains our Grape, Spearmint, Strawberry Custard and Blanc Premium flavours.

Green | Orange | Black

Clear transparent | Black tint transparent