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The closed-pod system consists of a pre-filled pod and the device itself is rechargeable. All you have to do is click the pre-filled cartridge to your device and voila! You’re good to go!

ncig™ Pro

Meet the ncig™ Pro: our chill new pod device. It's got a battery that lasts all day, a bigger pod, and some serious performance upgrades. Dive deep into flavor town with the ncig™ Pro. Perfect for those who want the best without the fuss. 🚀🔋🌬️

Start with go.

Best value Closed Pod System, designed specifically for the most effective smoking cessation.


introducing ncig™go, our first disposable closed pod device.
Categorized under disposable devices, the ncig™go is built to deliver maximum satisfaction in your daily use.
The 300-charge function gives you the power to try all 22 new npod flavours to your heart’s content.

Award-winning flavours

Same great NASTY taste

Improved satisfaction

Unbeatable value

Compact & lightweight

Vibrant colours

Battery Indicator

Smart-detection battery indicator with the ability to uniquely identify battery levels and draw time limit.

npod™ Dock

Magnetic, close-fit docking for optimal performance.

Charging Port

Equipped with the versatile and convenient USB-C charging port for quick and easy charging.


Starter kit

Each kit comes with one single pre-filled pod that are available in 4 signature flavours.

Effective Smoking Cessation Technology



Go with npod™ REGULAR for intense satisfaction.

Go with the npod™ REGULAR if you are a heavy smoker just transitioning to ENDS as the nicotine strength is higher at 5mg. npod™ REGULAR was formulated to mimic the satisfaction and throat-hit craved by smokers.

Enhanced Atomization
NIXS E-Liquid Formula


True Fruit


Mouth-watering sweetness of ripe black grape that will surely hit the spot.
True Fruit


Our award-winning tropical mango flavour is on the worldwide best-sellers list every year.
True Fruit


Fragrant and well-rounded taste of real lychee.
True Fruit


Taste of real peach with an acidic tang and a sweet floral note.

Hazelnut Espresso

Rich espresso flavour paired with nutty, creamy hazelnut.
True Tobacco

Blanc Premium

Crafted from premium ingredients for a bolder taste and wholesome throat hit.
True Tobacco

Blanc Classic

A premium blend of tobacco concocted to make you feel like the good old days.
True Tobacco

Blanc Vanilla

Well-rounded tobacco hit with hints of rich, smokey vanilla.
True Indulgence

Buttery Toffee

Signature toffee-sweet delicacy now richer and creamier.
True Indulgence​

Strawberry Custard

Vibrant strawberry features with playful notes of custard.
True Treats


All-new, improved Menthol formula that’s extremely refreshing.

Go with npod™ LIGHT for smooth satisfaction.

Go with the npod™ LIGHT if you’re used to milder cigarettes and are looking for a smooth, mellow ENDS experience. Containing just 2mg nicotine strength, the npod™ LIGHT was developed for social smokers who want to enjoy award-winning NASTY flavours with less nicotine levels.

Enhanced Atomization
NIXS E-Liquid Formula


True Fruit

Green Mango

Experience the freshness of this pleasantly tangy green mango flavour.
True Ice

Honeydew Ice

Subtle sweetness of aromatic honeydew, layered with a refreshing mint blast.
True Ice

Watermelon Ice

A refreshing combination of sweet, juicy watermelon with a dash of icy mint.

Butterscotch Coffee

Rich, aromatic coffee paired with toffee-sweet, creamy butterscotch.
True Tobacco​

Blanc Menthol

The strong flavours of the best tobacco combined with a smooth and cool menthol flavour.
True Tobacco

Tobacco & Dates

A blend of classic tobacco and the rich, caramel sweetness of premium dates.
Fruit Fusion

Tropical Fruit

A blissful combination of choice tropical fruit flavours for endless satisfaction.
Fruit Fusion

Strawberry Banana

An exotic combination of juicy, sweet strawberries and ripe, honey-golden banana.
Open Bar

Apple Zest

Tastes like freshly squeezed crisp, sweet apples.
Open Bar

Red Energy

Set your senses abuzz with our mind-blowing Red Energy.
True Indulgence

Blueberry Custard

Tastes just like homemade blueberry custard pie.


Complete your collection with the sleek set of accessories that we have meticulously developed to perfectly complement your device.