Nasty Liq food flavouring

Unleash the world’s tastiest flavours in your kitchen

Strawberry Raspberry
Fresh strawberry flavor enhanced by the unique tartness of raspberries
Vhimto Bull
Get a taste of this supercharged mixed fruit flavour for an extra pep in your day
Watermelon Ice
A cool and revitalizing explosion of frozen watermelon sweetness
Watermelon Strawberry
Refreshing aloe vera mixed with sweet grapes for an all day lasting freshness
Pomegranate Berry
Sweet and tangy pomegranate blended with fresh juicy berries
Strawberry Kiwi
Juicy strawberries and lively kiwi blended to create a refreshing taste
Guava Ice
Savor the unique taste of guava with its sweet and slightly tart notes
Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
Tangy kiwi and fresh passion fruit layered in tropical aromatic guava
Mango Blackcurrent
Delicious wild cherries drenched in ice for a sweet, icy experience
Mix Berries Grape
Tantalizing blend of sweet, tart and juicy flavors, a mixed of berries with grapes
Fruit Fusion
Discover the sweet and sour sensational fruits that awakens your taste buds
Aloe Grape
Refreshing aloe vera mixed with sweet grapes for an all day freshness
Blue Raspberry
Sweet and tart flavours blend in these juicy blue raspberries
Cherry Cola
Try this classic cola flavour with a cherry twist for a sweet fizzy vape experience
Peach Ice
Enjoy an aromatic vape experience with succulent, sweet peaches and icy mint